infoscreen rev. 103 (by rnbwdsh)
Leave deepsleep-loop with reset-button on the back

Fetches text over HTTP URL
* A week of battery time
* Using deepsleep and a workaround that prevents 24h deepsleep from not working
* Configurable font -> Autoadapting number of lines and system-available fonts
* Configurable URL (default: uni-calendar)
* Code-Configurable: Battery-bar, show wifi-connect-message, menu-text, default-values, deepsleep-time

Feel free to fork or send me wishes/changes
vogl91[at]gmail[dot]com, PGP: 05DE 3006 4681 F10C DC43 DED6 A6A9 D95E AF7B 4708
Category: utility
Status: working
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