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Hacking at Random

HAR2009 is over now. It's hard to explain what it was like, you really had to be there.

If you were at HAR2009, thanks for sharing this experience with the 30+ volunteers who worked very hard for a year and help us make this such a great event by volunteering yourself and/or bringing your own projects, tools & ideas.

If you have any memories, pictures, movies, or other material you'd like to share, we like to invite you to put them on this wiki.

Welcome to the HAR 2009 Wiki

Hacking at Random 2009 was an international technology & security conference.
Four days of technology, ideological debates and hands-on tinkering.
On August 13-16, 2009 the 20th anniversary edition of the four-yearly Dutch outdoor technology-conference was organized at de Paasheuvel near Vierhouten, NL.

User generated content (NEWS!)

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Hack42, a starting Hackerspace in Arnhem
Rick Deckardt - 9 December 2009

Hack42 is a new hackerspace in Arnhem, currently looking for members and enthusiasts to join our group. Hack42 doesn't have a space yet, and we're in the first stage; getting enough members for a flying start.

RevSpace: the hackerspace in Den Haag, NL No Picture
gmc - 29 August 2009

Inspired by HAR2009, some of us have gotten together to set up a hackerspace in Den Haag, NL. If you are from around, join us!

Left-over challenge World Community Grid open till 1/9/09
Bouke - 20 August 2009

a Left-over challenge World Community Grid open till 1/9/09

How To Make a Ghost Stool (as in the lounge ;))
Will-Do - 18 August 2009

How to make the ghost stools as seen in the Lounge

Thanks for bringing back the Sennheisers
tails@area42 - 18 August 2009
Older news...
Har2009 Impressions (movie) by Rick Deckardt
Har Logo as mosaic with Tosti pictures by Ansi
Find yourself on the Tosti Kaas wall by kajurria
copying stream archives by ST / Stefan - BlinkenArea
ReHash into full gear by jota
Upload your images and videos. by Gawin
Hackerspaces by jota
NOP stream live @: by NOP
LIVE @ HAR BAR NOP-Village DJ's by NOP
Removing your wristband without cutting by Amsterdam
Stream Archives available by R
Download recorded talks by Jos
SMS as Hackerfest by Ramsch
Give some feedback for HAR FM by Sven
Movie Night at the Family Village by Family Village

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    Please add your Media created at HAR2009.

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    Please add a link to your collection of images here:

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    Lectures Videos

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    Lecture Presentations links

    Links to lectures, so we won't have go go around hunting.

    - Policy Hacking talk, day-1, 14:00, tent-2. Review by Mamoru Hatsuseno. My blogpost. CC-licensed slides: ODF, PDF

    - Milkymist, an open hardware SoC platform for video performance artists. Lightning talk, day 2, 11:00, tent-2. Technical overview paper Lightning talk slides Full talk slides (PDF)

    - Futureshock talk, day 2, 21:00, tent-1. CC-licensed slides: ODF, PDF

    - How we reverse engineered a remote accesible backdoor in Accton-based switches. talk, day 3, 14:00, tent-2. Slides + Interactive Disassembler videos + Code complete archive

    - Life or Death Cryptology, it's not about the encryption algorithm talk, day 3, 17:00, tent-3. Slides Articles page @ Brainspark

    Get involved

    Travel information

    Parking (all cars)
    Nierenseweg, Vierhouten
    52° 19' 52" N / 5° 49' 57" E
    Event (pedestrians+campervans only)
    't Frusselt 30, Vierhouten
    52° 19' 50" N / 5° 49' 28" E
    Public transport
    Nunspeet train station
    Bus 112 to Wittenberg at 6-17h23
    Leave bus at stop "Noordkampen"

    Shuttle service available to/from parking and Nunspeet train station.


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